Geoaumentaty Workshop

In the spring of 2016 students of La Miquela experienced a didactic proposal about the village of Bescanó through the Mobile App Geoaumentaty

The didactic proposal has been designed by the PhD student Meriam Boulahrouz during the academic year 2014/2015; and is part of the research project carried in his PhD at University of Girona.

The activities have been carried out with students of 2nd grade of ESO and cover different topics of knowledge of the city, from the point of view of Geography and Citizenship, always with the use of mobile technology. Students have played an active role, checking information specifically prepared for this activity and reaching their own conclusions, with the creation of small films in several languages.

Here you can see one example of the films created by, both Catalan and Dutch students, as a part of the co-work and edited in 3 languages (english, catalan and spanish):

La Pilastra Island: 

Illa La Pilastra: 

Isla La Pilastra: 

Currently, the research is in progress following the research plan of Meriam Boulahrouz.