Local Press

TimeBanking 2.0 was trending topic in the Local Press, before, during and after the running of the European Erasmus+ Project.

Here you can check the links:

Dos mesos a Eindhoven (p.33) – Agost 2017

Banc de Temps, una iniciativa per mantenir els valors de la societat (p. 25) – April 2017

Vols explicar un conte i participar en el Projecte TimeBanking? (p.16) – December 2016

Comença l’intercanvi de temps a Bescanó (p.17) – December 2916

Bescanó estrena el 1r Banc del Temps Escolar d’Europa



La Miquela, innovació i trilingüisme (page 22-23) – December 2015


Community Service inside the E+ Project of TimeBanking 2.0 Presentation

The coordinator of TimeBanking 2.0, Josep Bofill i Blanch, attended as speaker the Jornada de Servei Comunitari organized by the Department of Ensenyament in Institut Milà i Fontanals (Barcelona), the 5th of july of 2017.

He had the honour to present the Community Service inside the E+ Project of TimeBanking 2.0. 

Here you can enjoy the presentation: 


Staff Joint Training to Bescanó – 12.06 to 17.06.2017

A group of 2 teachers of SintLucas from the technology department, Jos Van Hal and Jorg Duitsman and the dutch coordinator of the program, Inge Berkers, participated in the Staff Joint Training with Ins La Miquela and also picked-up the 2 long terms students, Chris Bruyn and Rik Gouwswaard.

They participated from the 12th until the 17th of june in different workshops lead by teachers from Ins La Miquela and in the scope of new technologies (ICT).

They learnt how to use Airwatch, how to work with the platform Moodle, how to assess students through iDoceo and Nearpod Apps, how to do robotics, how to correct tasks through Showme, how to motivate creativity with Thinglink and many others.

The technology department from Ins La Miquela had the opportunity to learn how to program with Arduino. The workshop was given by Jorg Duitsman.

Here you can see some pictures of the week:

IMG_5640 IMG_5644 IMG_5637 IMG_5647

Here you can see the Staff Joint Training Album.

Workshops Short-Term Mobility 4 to Bescanó

From the 21st until the 28th of may, a group of 16 students and 2 teachers from SintLucas went to Bescanó in a short-term exchange, as well as the 2 long-term students that would remain in La Miquela Secondary School until the 17th of June.

The exchange was organised in 3 sections:

1st.- A warming welcoming reception and two trips, first to Barcelona and second to Cadaqués.

2nd.- Teachers from La Miquela organised some practical and dynamic workshops on ICT, Robotics, Art&Crafts, Community Service and Sightseeing of the town, Bescanó.

3rd.- Exhibition of the different Workshops.

Here you can see a video-summary of all of them:


Sports Exchange of Skills Tutorial

All the students of 3rd Grade of ESO during the Physical Education Class prepared and created the Sports Exchange of Skills Tutorial in order to be proper material used for the School TimeBanking European Association.

Previously each one of them thought and worked on the skill to give and after, in groups of three, prepared, practised and recorded the different exchanges of skills.

Finally they created the iMovie of all the process to help students from other schools around Europe to get an idea of it.

Here you can see the tutorials from Youtube: