Staff Joint Training to Bescanó – 12.06 to 17.06.2017

A group of 2 teachers of SintLucas from the technology department, Jos Van Hal and Jorg Duitsman and the dutch coordinator of the program, Inge Berkers, participated in the Staff Joint Training with Ins La Miquela and also picked-up the 2 long terms students, Chris Bruyn and Rik Gouwswaard.

They participated from the 12th until the 17th of june in different workshops lead by teachers from Ins La Miquela and in the scope of new technologies (ICT).

They learnt how to use Airwatch, how to work with the platform Moodle, how to assess students through iDoceo and Nearpod Apps, how to do robotics, how to correct tasks through Showme, how to motivate creativity with Thinglink and many others.

The technology department from Ins La Miquela had the opportunity to learn how to program with Arduino. The workshop was given by Jorg Duitsman.

Here you can see some pictures of the week:

IMG_5640 IMG_5644 IMG_5637 IMG_5647

Here you can see the Staff Joint Training Album.

Closing Event TimeBanking 2.0 & Official Announcement of the School TimeBanking European Association (STBEA)

On friday 21st of april of 2017 and during the Short-Term Mobility to Bescanó, the Closing Event of TimeBanking 2.0 and Official Announcement of the European School TimeBanking Association took place in the Royal Theater of Bescanó.

Both schools, La Miquela and SintLucas participated in such a interesting action.

Many authorities were invited and joined us by giving some speeches about different topics.

Here you can watch the whole presentation, which was edited by Martina Puig and Aina Garcia, both students of 3rd Grade of ESO and members of the E+ TimeBanking 2.0 project.


Short-Term Mobility 3 to SintLucas (Eindhoven)

From the 2nd until the 8th of april of 2017, a group of 16 students and 2 teachers from La Miquela went to Eindhoven in a short-term exchange.

The exchange was organised in 3 sections:

1st.- A warming welcoming reception and a range of workshops on dutch language, culture, traditions and food as well as a school trip to the surroundings.

2nd.- Teachers from Sintlucas organised some practical and dynamic workshops media, photography and 3D printing using computer programmes.

3rd.- Students from different nationality were paired so that pupils' exchanges/transactions based on their ready-to-be-shared basic and transversal skills took place.

IMG_4597 IMG_4582

IMG_4187(1) IMG_4126 

IMG_4110 IMG_4325 2

IMG_4361 IMG_1811

Here you can see the pictures of such a great experience:
Short-Term Mobility 3 to Eindhoven

Staff Joint Training to Eindhoven – 31.01 to 7.02.2017

A group of 3 teachers of INS La Miquela from the technology department, participated in the Staff Joint Training with SintLucas School and also acompanied the 2 long terms students during the adaptation week.

Here you have the presentation of such a great experience: