Sports Exchange of Skills Tutorial

All the students of 3rd Grade of ESO during the Physical Education Class prepared and created the Sports Exchange of Skills Tutorial in order to be proper material used for the School TimeBanking European Association.

Previously each one of them thought and worked on the skill to give and after, in groups of three, prepared, practised and recorded the different exchanges of skills.

Finally they created the iMovie of all the process to help students from other schools around Europe to get an idea of it.

Here you can see the tutorials from Youtube:

Heading BdT La Miquela


A group of 9 students of 3rd Grade of ESO from the Reinforcement Class taught by Alexandre Graupere enjoyed the master class given by the student of 1st Batxillerat, Mireia Corona, in order to get ideas and tips to design the Logo of the Time Bank of Ins La Miquela.

In order to introduce the task students watched a video about Time Banking to stimulate class discussion and clarify the concept and meaning of TB.

Once the idea of TB had been established, students proceeded by analyzing different examples of well known Logos and discussing their effectiveness, or lack of.   

Here you can see the chosen heading from Èlia Pere:

Copy of FullSizeRender-2-2

Teachers Room Exchange of Skills’ Board

During the 2nd year of partnership different activities were organised in order to widespread the idea of TimeBanking among all the schools students, the school staff and parents as well as local entities. 

In the attachment you can see the Exchange of Skills board that was put in the Teachers Room.

The teachers that wanted to participate in this TimeBank among School Staff, had to think about different offers and demands in order to post them in the board and wait if anyone was interested in doing the exchange.

Once done the exchange they had to note it in a paper spreadsheet.

Here you can see it:



BdT La Miquela Platform’s Tutorial

The Technology teacher from Ins La Miquela, Maria Reyner together with InfoSelf Company designed La Miquela TimeBanking Platform.

Go to the website:

With the help of a group of students from 3rd ESO and in the 2nd year of running of TB 2.0, elaborated a presentation to explain how La Miquela TimeBank Platform works. 

Here you can see it:


Teaching Staff TimeBank

The Teaching Staff of Ins La Miquela started the journey to the TimeBanking Skills Exchange Experience.
To succeed on doing this TimeBank Challenge, it was set a board on the wall of the teachers room with the following items:

1.- Offer (green stickers)
2.- Demand (orange stickers).
3.- Month.
4.- TimeBanking 2.0 Logo Association.
5.- Follow-up Exchanges Spreadsheet.

As you will see in the following pictures, the Teaching Staff really engaged in the TimeBank proposal.

Here you can see the process:

 IMG_3175 IMG_3176