Sports Exchange of Skills Tutorial

All the students of 3rd Grade of ESO during the Physical Education Class prepared and created the Sports Exchange of Skills Tutorial in order to be proper material used for the School TimeBanking European Association.

Previously each one of them thought and worked on the skill to give and after, in groups of three, prepared, practised and recorded the different exchanges of skills.

Finally they created the iMovie of all the process to help students from other schools around Europe to get an idea of it.

Here you can see the tutorials from Youtube:

Adapted Sports Day

The students of 3rd Grade of ESO participated the 13th of December of 2016 to the Sensibilization Day CreaXarXa organized by the EUSES in Fontajau (Girona).

Here you can see a short piece of news (minute 11.08 a 11.45) from Telenotícies Comarques of the National Television Channel called TV3:


One week after and in groups, they had to think and design games and/or sports for disabled people and present them to the studens of 1st Grade of ESO, as a TimeBanking 2.0 activity: Finally, with the same groups, they elaborated a News Report of the Adapted Sports Day. Here you can see some of them: 


Physical Education Skills Exchange

The students of 2nd ESO that are involved in TimeBanking 2.0 Erasmus+ Project, participated in a Skills Exchange activity during the PE class.

They had to think about a skill that they dominate and then in groups of 3-4 make pairs to teach and learn each of the skills using Peer-to-Peer Learning Methodology.

In the same groups they had to design and think about three table templates to use before, during and after the exchange which are: Skill Offer, Exchange Contract and Exchange Assessment.

Here you can see some pictures of the class:
SkillsExchangeAinaMarta1 SkillsExchangeAinaMarta2 SkillsExchangeClaraMarta1 SkillsExchangeClaraMarta2 SkillsExchangeTuraMarta1 SkillsExchangeTuraMarta2

To see the original pictures go to the album: PE Skills Exchange

Below you can also see a presentation of such a nice exchange:

 Physical Education Skill Exchange  from josepbofilllamiquela

Be a Coach!

The students of La Miquela that are involved in TimeBanking 2.0 participated in a 2 PE lectures about "Be a Coach!" in Basketball and Football.

First of all, we chose these students that were skilled in each sport and then made the 4-5 people group.

The called "Coaches" had to explain and teach to the "Players" the basic skills of each sport and end up playing a game situation with another group.

Here you can see some pictures and videos about the experience.

IMG_1171 IMG_0501

At the end of the class, they had do a short interview and answer some questions about the PE class.

Here you can watch some of the interviews: