Physical Education Skills Exchange

The students of 2nd ESO that are involved in TimeBanking 2.0 Erasmus+ Project, participated in a Skills Exchange activity during the PE class.

They had to think about a skill that they dominate and then in groups of 3-4 make pairs to teach and learn each of the skills using Peer-to-Peer Learning Methodology.

In the same groups they had to design and think about three table templates to use before, during and after the exchange which are: Skill Offer, Exchange Contract and Exchange Assessment.

Here you can see some pictures of the class:
SkillsExchangeAinaMarta1 SkillsExchangeAinaMarta2 SkillsExchangeClaraMarta1 SkillsExchangeClaraMarta2 SkillsExchangeTuraMarta1 SkillsExchangeTuraMarta2

To see the original pictures go to the album: PE Skills Exchange

Below you can also see a presentation of such a nice exchange:

 Physical Education Skill Exchange  from josepbofilllamiquela