Good Practises Speech TimeBanking 2.0 – eTwinning

The coordinator of TimeBanking 2.0, Josep Bofill i Blanch, attended as speaker the 2nd session of Erasmus+ - Projects KA1/KA2 organized by the Department of Ensenyament in La Casa del Mar (Barcelona).

He had the honour to present the TimeBanking 2.0 Project as an example of good practise together with the European Platform of eTwinning.

Here you can enjoy the presentation:

 Presentació Bona Pràctica Timebanking 2.0 - eTwinning  from josepbofilllamiquela Here you can see some pictures of the presentation: P2090033 P2090049 P2090037 C4OkPItXAAAN8RQ.jpg-small Here you can watch the rest of the pictures of the event: 2nd Session of Eramus+ KA1/KA2 You can also visit the website of the eTwinning ambassadors house of Spain and Catalonia for futher information about the session: